Sep 8, 2008

Essentials of Programming Languages, 3rd Edition

Daniel P. Friedman, Mitchell Wand, "Essentials of Programming Languages, 3rd Edition"
The MIT Press | ISBN-10: 0262062798 | April 30, 2008 | 416 pages | PDF | 1.3MB

This book provides students with a deep, working understanding of the essential concepts of programming languages. Most of these essentials relate to the semantics, or meaning, of program elements, and the text uses interpreters (short programs that directly analyze an abstract representation of the program text) to express the semantics of many essential language elements in a way that is both clear and executable. The approach is both analytical and hands-on. The book provides views of programming languages using widely varying levels of abstraction, maintaining a clear connection between the high-level and low-level views. Exercises are a vital part of the text and are scattered throughout; the text explains the key concepts, and the exercises explore alternative designs and other issues.

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